Free Mobile COVID-19 Testing For Chicago and Beyond

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We’ll come to you!

Free Mobile COVID-19 Testing For Chicago and Beyond

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We’ll come to you!

No Out Of Pocket Cost

Fully Mobile Testing

On Site Corporate Testing

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Zero-Cost PCR, Rapid Antigen, and Rapid Antibody Testing Programs

Advocate Mobile Testing provides $0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 testing to anyone with recent exposure or symptoms. Patients simply need to provide their insurance information or truthfully declare they are uninsured.

The third-party laboratory will bill patient insurance or receive reimbursement through associated government programs for the testing of uninsured patients.

Patients and employers will not be billed.

Advocate Mobile Testing Comes To You With Quality Laboratory Testing

We have introduced mobile testing services for home-bound patients, retirement homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Our laboratory services also extends to a wide-range of corporations in the community. 

Our professional experts have extensive experience in the medical field and are aware of every technological advancement thereby providing reliable and accurate diagnostics results for every test.

How Mobile Covid Testing Works

1. Schedule Appointment

Register online and choose your
preferred time window (morning,
afternoon, evening and night).

2. Get Tested At Home

We dispatch a medical assistant
to the location of your choice.
Track our location in real time!

3. Get Results, Fast!

Receive emailed results fast.
RT – PCR results in 24 Hrs
Rapid Antigen Results in 10 Min

Tests We Conduct

We recognize that every business has its own unique needs. We will come down to your business on a weekly basis. This flexibility allows your institution to safely test individuals when they return to work, based on symptoms, exposure and CDC guidelines.

Get results while you wait

Get results the next day

Get results while you wait

Who We Serve


Schedule in-and-out testing for travel, work, and recreation requirements.



Protect employees with on-site COVID testing, vaccinations, wellness initiatives and drug screening.


Research Labs

Support clinical research with the use of our mobile  phlebotomy services.


Bring peace of mind to your gatherings with COVID testing.
We come to you!



Convenient testing to safeguard schools, churches, charities,
and clubs. 

Planning to Travel? Recently Return From a Trip?

Traveling in the middle of a pandemic is stressful. We can make the process a bit simpler for you, by getting your your RT-PCR test results within 24 hours. Most international destinations require RT-PCR testing to be done 72 hours prior to your flight. If your flight is in a few hours, don’t panic; we can still help you expedite your tests. Our professional staff can meet you at your hotel, home or office.

Looking for Help to Keep Your Team Safe?

On-site Employee Testing | Recurring Group Testing

Keeping businesses & schools safe and COVID compliant as we reopen has created unique challenges. With ever-changing safety regulations it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Our team can help you navigate the current restrictions, and provide you peace of mind. We are here to help you implement a prevention plan tailored to your needs, as well as with routine employee screening.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

When should you consider getting tested?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, it may be time to get a COVID-19 evaluation completed.

How to protect yourself?

Our actions as individuals will go a long way in preventing, detecting and isolating potential cases of COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

A PCR Test takes 24 to 48 hours to receive your results. This test is completely free of charge. With the rapid antigen test, results are verbally given within 15 minutes and an email confirmation is given within 3 hours.

Advocate Mobile Testing uses RT-PCR (Reverse Transcript PCR) analyzers for our COVID-19 testing. We chose this technology for its accuracy and
reliability. RT-PCR tests are accepted as the ‘gold standard’ of Pre-Travel
COVID testing. We also offer rapid antigen testing. Some airlines and schools
are now accepting a negative result from a rapid antigen test. Check with your school/airline provider. Both the PCR test and Rapid Antigen tests are free.

Your results will be emailed to you!

PCR Test is completely free of charge. Rapid Test is also completely free of

Please bring your ID and insurance card (if you have one). If you are uninsured, the tests are still free. If you hold a foreign passport please bring that (don’t worry, your test is also free).

Our lab is CLIA certified and uses EUA tests following the FDA’s guidance. A CLIA certification is vital for a testing facility and is required for traveling to
countries outside the US.

It is a nasal self swab. All instructions will be given to you at the testing sites.

We allow children over the age of 2 to get tested.

Rapid antigen tests are easily performed at our mobile site with a nasal
swab. The test detects viral protein in an actively infected person. The
manufacturer published data that states that the test is 100% specific (Meaning: if it is positive it is 100% accurate), and that it is 80% sensitive (meaning: if it is negative, it is 80% accurate).

Our registered nurses who work in the most advanced academic centers in the
region and have extensive experience in administering COVID-19 tests in a safe and comfortable environment will be administering your tests.

If your test is positive, do not panic. If you are experiencing symptoms of severe fatigue, short of breath, high fever, you should go to your nearest Emergency Room. If you are not experiencing symptoms that require attention, we encourage you to schedule an immediate follow-up virtual appointment with one of our physicians. Our physicians will be available around the clock for those who have tested positive.

The testing itself takes about 30 seconds. You should plan a few extra minutes to fill out the electronic paperwork.

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