About Us

Advocate Mobile Testing is founded by a team of doctors to fight against Covid 19. We have a staff of  5 Doctors on site.. Also assisting us is our lab director who is an MD Pathologist with 20 years of Clinical Experience. All of our staff is professional trained to serve you.

We are molecular diagnostic labratory based out of the Chicagoland Area serving all across the United States. We provide Rapid and PCR testing for Covid 19.

We understand that the safety of your families, employees and residents is your top priority. As a result, we are here to assist you with your top priority to take immediate action and isolate the virus and prevent from further spreading. We are a registered laboratory with the Department of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

It’s critical to protect everyone’s health during these times, whether it’s your families or employees at work. To prevent the virus from spreading throughout the community, all necessary precautions must be taken. Advocate Mobile Testing now offers onsite COVID-19 testing keeping your best interests in mind when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe environment.